I’m a reportage wedding photographer, telling the story of your day entirely through pictures. I love balancing natural light with clean compositions. I’m discreet. I want to document the day in a natural way and avoid typical posed shots, except from any family portraits you’d like to capture. You wont find any typical tiered photography packages here. I want to capture everything it takes to document the occasion—Without Compromise.

I only photograph up to four weddings per year. I’m a better match for alternative—not traditional—weddings.

Wedding Photography Prices

Without compromise is especially true when it comes to your wedding day. I want to cover your whole day and not leave anything out. We’ll start with the preparations and carry on through to the celebrations, documenting everything. The price for this is £1,500 and only increases to accommodate travel and hotel if required. I’m based in Central Scotland. This includes:

  • All day cover, typically about 10–12 hours

  • 300–500 edited photographs

  • Online gallery

A second photographer, prints and an album are available on request.

Engagement & Family Photography Prices

I’d love to photograph you as a couple to either accompany a wedding or by itself. We’ll discuss what you enjoy as a couple and work out a story for the shoot. It might be a road trip to the highlands, cooking breakfast, or going sightseeing and shopping—it’s up to you. If we need half a day for our shoot it’ll cost £300, a full day is £500. Travel and accommodation may be added to this depending on location. This includes:

  • 20–80 edited photographs

  • Online gallery

Prints are available on request.


I’d love to make some photographs for you—be it on your wedding day or simply showcasing your beautiful family. Once you’ve pressed the button below and filled out the form below I’ll get back to you to setup a meeting. Ideally over a coffee but if our locations don’t allow that we’ll do a phone call instead.

If you think I’m a match for you then I’ll ask for you to pay a deposit to save the date. For weddings, we’ll organise a follow up coffee or call 2–4 weeks before your wedding to go over the plan for the day. If you’d like an engagement shoot before the wedding then we can use that as our planning day too.


Do you offer half day wedding coverage?

I don’t offer half day wedding coverage. I enjoy and take great pride in documenting your full wedding day—without compromise.

Do you provide any wedding albums?

I’d be glad to help you put together your wedding album and get it printed. This isn’t included in the price because the cost of an album varies greatly depending on what you like. Let’s grab a coffee and chat about that.

How long it will take to receive our photographs?

I’ll aim to get your photographs to you within six weeks. It’ll often be sooner though—but it depends on the time of year and schedule.

Do you watermark your photographs?

No. You’ll get edited, full resolution JPEG images without any watermarks.

Do you require a deposit?

I require a deposit to save the date. This is a third of the cost. The remaining two thirds are due before the date.

Do you work with an assistant or second shooter?

I often do work with a second shooter on weddings but it’s not required. A second shooter allows us to document more of your day and cover varied angles of events which isn’t possible with one photographer.

What equipment do you use?

My main camera body is a Canon 5d Mark IV. I shoot with a series of Canon lenses. My other digital camera is a Leica Q. I also shoot on 35mm film with my 1970 Leica M4.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance.